All You Need to Know about 1xBet Deposit Methods India

These days, the 1xBet platform has become a popular and well renowned online betting platform. starting from its humble beginnings, the 1xBet online betting platform has gained a lot of experience over the years. The 1xBet platform has grown and evolved into what it is today; a reliable and innovative platform for all your betting needs.

In the last few years there has been a significant surge in the demand for online betting platforms all over the world. This is where the 1xBet company comes in. the 1xBet company strives to ensure that online betting is available to everyone interested in the service all over the world. Today, the people of India have also gained access to the 1xBet platform and all its amazing features.

There are lots of bonuses and promotions available on the 1xBetplatfprm from time to time. from the moment you register on the 1xBet platform you will begin to receive bonuses. Also, to ensure the ease of transaction when making a 1xBet deposit as well as withdrawing your winnings, the 1xBet platform supports a wide range of payment options.

This guide will help you acquaint yourself with all the necessary information you might need to smoothly navigate your 1xBet deposits.

1xBet Deposit Methods India



Charges Concerning 1xBet Deposit

The 1xBet is not just exclusively about online betting. In fact, the platform has so many other features that will consistently benefit all users of the platform. One of the most enticing features of the 1xBet India platform is the bonus.

The 1xBet bonuses come in many forms on different occasions such as;

  • Daily bonuses
  • Birthday bonus
  • Welcome offers
  • Wednesday bonus
  • Happy Friday bonus

The above are merely a few examples of bonus offers and not the entirety of the 1xBet bonuses.

It is important to note that you are required to complete the 1xBet deposit at this point. Some bonuses require you to perform a deposit before they can be received. Other 1xBet rewards however might not need such a formality. If for instance you just registered your 1xBet account, in order to access your welcome bonus, you would need to make a first deposit.

1xBet Deposit


Details of the 1xBet Deposit Charges

On the 1xBet platform, the least amount you can deposit 1 euro. Once you have made this deposit, you will receive a bonus instantly. You can get as much as 100 euros when you make a deposit of the same amount. This means that the amount of bonus you receive is directly proportional to the amount of your deposit.

The following 1xBet bonuses require a deposit;

  • Welcome bonus

As a new 1xBet user, you are entitled to receive a welcome bonus upon your first deposit. You can deposit as little as 1 euro. If you do not opt for this bonus, you will lose 1500-euro bonus as well as 150 free spins.

  • First deposit bonus

When you make your first deposit on the 1xBet platform, you will be rewarded with a bonus. This bonus is available to new users who have not made a deposit on the 1xBet platform. all you need to do is make a 1xBet deposit starting from 1 to euro. This deposit will grant you a matching bonus. Meaning a deposit of 30 euros gives you 30 euros bonus. The highest bonus you can get is €130, to get it you need to deposit €100 or more and enter the promo code.

  • Lucky Friday

You can get a bonus on the 1xBet platform every Friday. you are required to 1xBet deposit into your 1xBet account. Like the first deposit bonus, the lucky Friday bonus also requires a deposit between 1 to 100 euros. This deposited amount is not really a charge because the money remains in your 1xBet account and you can use it when you want. On top of that, you get the bonus which you then need to use within the stipulated guidelines.

How to Deposit Money in 1xBet from India


Learn How to Deposit Money in 1xBet from India

If you want to make a 1xBet deposit. You should first understand how to go about it. The best part of using the 1xBet platform is that you will have access to a wide array payment options so, you are covered no matter what. The 1xBet platform supports over 200 payment platforms, we will discuss a few notable ones below;

  1. Bank Cards in our daily activities, we tend to use our bank cards for a wide range of transactions. From cash withdrawals to P.O.S payments, our bank cards are very versatile. This is why 1xBet decided to make things easy by supporting payments using bank cards. Use your bank cards to make 1xBet deposits and enjoy safe and easy means of securing your bets. 1xBet accepts cards like MasterCard, Entropay, and visa. You can even make the 1xBet minimum deposit India of 1 euro with your bank cards.
  2. E-wallets If you have been making online payments, you would have at least heard of e-wallets if you have not used it at one time or the other. E-wallet is a really common payment option; this is why the 1xBet is compatible with it. The following E-wallet platforms are supported on the 1xBet platform.
    • PayPal
    • EPay
    • Skrill
    • SticPay
    • Perfect Money
  3. Cryptocurrencies In recent times cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of ground especially in online transactions. This got the attention of 1xBet and the platform has since accepted cryptocurrency as a payment method. The advantage of using this method is that it easy and safe. You can also use cryptocurrencies to make 1xBet minimum deposit on the platform. 1xBet accepts payment from the following platforms;
    • Dash
    • Dogecoin
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Litecoin
  4. Mobile Payment 1xBet also supports mobile money, where you use your mobile phone to make a 1xBet deposit. To make things even easier, 1xBet has a mobile app to make things easier even if you are not on a computer.

1xbet minimum deposit India


1xBet Minimum Deposit Required in India

A lot of people believe the amount required to make a 1xBet minimum deposit India is really low. It is for a reason. The 1xBet aims at being affordable for everyone. So, no matter how limited your funds are, you should be able to start betting on the 1xBet platform. you can also use the 1xBet minimum deposit to claim bonuses like your welcome bonus as well as the first deposit bonus.

When making deposits on the 1xBet platform platform, as well as for withdrawals, you do not need to worry about 1xBet deposit Charges. Note that the amount for minimum deposits on the platform is slightly less than the 1xBet minimum withdrawal in India.

make your 1xBet deposit


Managing Currencies for Your 1xBet Deposit

To avoid complications when calculating exchange rates, you are advised to make your 1xBet deposit in your local currency. The currency you opt for will affect your commission on deposits and withdrawals.

During your registration on the 1xBet platform, you can specify your preferred currency for making deposits. If you choose to deposit the 1xBet minimum deposit India amount but in another currency, you might need to contact the customer support to change your preferred currency.



The process for making 1xBet minimum deposit India is as simple and straightforward as possible. The platforms support different 1xBet deposit methods India.

The 1xBet deposit charges are as low as can be, in order to enable everyone, access to the platform. Now that you have all the information, go ahead and make a deposit right now.GET BONUS 130 EURO

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