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Since it was founded in 2007, the 1xBet company was always about betting. It has since then achieved global recognition as well as a strong international presence. Due to the magnitude of its reach, the 1xBet needed to keep up with the times, and it has done just that with the development of the1xBet mobile application for all devices. The app grants you the access to all the amazing features the 1xBet platform offers, all from your mobile phone.

You can use the app to place bets and access all 1xBet features round the clock. This guide will be focusing on getting the 1xBet for all your devices like 1xBet download pc. You will also learn how to download 1xBet on any mobile device as well as uptodown 1xBet. Continue reading to get 1xBet download on any device.

1xBet Download


1xBet Download – How to Do It

The 1xBet platform has so many amazing features that you would not want to miss out on. An especially unique one Is the option to bet on the endings of movies. Users of 1xBet all over the world also have the advantage of being able to stream sporting events live on whatever device they use to access the 1xBet platform. 1xBet download is available for pc as well as mobile.


1xBet Download for Windows Device

Download is available for all mobile devices including windows mobile phones. To download 1xBet on your windows phone, the steps are similar to share some similarities with 1xBet download PC.

The procedure for 1xBet PC download is quite similar to that of mobile. Below is the procedure on how to download 1xBet.

  1. Access the 1xBet website and click the download link for windows mobile.
  2. Launch the setup and click on โ€œRunโ€.
  3. Click on install. Wait for the installation to be completed. Note that it is important to keep your device fully charged because the installation, might take a while.
  4. Once installation is completed, launch the 1xBet app and enter your login details if you already have a 1xBet account. If not, click on โ€œregisterโ€.

If you encounter any difficulty during the download process for 1xBet windows, please ensure your internet is properly connected, then contact our helpline for customer support.

1xBet Download online


1xBet Download Online for Different Kinds of Devices

Apart from the 1xBet windows PC app, you also have the choice to download 1xBet on your mobile devices like the android and iOS devices. Below is the step by step procedure for downloading the app on your android and iPhone.

  1. 1xBet for Android APK download.
    if your mobile phone is an android device, you have the advantage of being able to install the app on your phone. (check the 1xBet website for list of compatible apps). Follow the procedure below to download the 1xBet APK.

    • Open the official 1xBet website. Click on the 1xBet download for android link. You will receive the 1xBet online download android installation file.
    • Begin downloading this file.
    • Once the download is finished, click on install.
    • Open your phoneโ€™s settings and follow the steps to verify the installation of the app.
      Note that it costs nothing to download the app, however ensure that your internet connection is strong to avoid any interruptions.
  2. Download 1xBet app for iOS. The app also has a version for iOS devices. Your device needs to run version 9 or a more recent version of iOS for it to work with the 1xBet iOs app. The process to install 1xBet on iOS is different from the PC and android version, with some variation in the steps. Here is the step by step procedure to download 1xBet on your iOS device.
    • Open the iTunes Store.
    • Log in your Apple Id.
    • If 1xBet is not allowed in your region, change your location.
    • Select your current country.
    • Ensure that you familiarise yourself with all the 1xBet Terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy, then click โ€œAcceptโ€
    • Fill in all your details in the boxes marked red.
    • Once done, your app will be ready in the app store. Just go to the app store and download.

1xBet download guide



No matter what device you use, you can download 1xBet app onto your device and gain access to all the 1xBet features. 1xBet download is available for windows PC as well as Android and iOS. Apart from 1xBet Windows, the android and iOS versions of the app also have all the features of the windows version of the app.

Be sure to read the uptodown 1xBet guide as well as all terms & conditions before attempting to download the 1xBet into your device. Each device has its unique download procedure for the app. Once you understand the procedure, you can proceed top download the app.
Here is a shorter version of the1xBet terms & conditions on the 1xBet website.

  1. All 1xBet users must be at least 18b years old before registering on the platform.
  2. ensure that you have a valid means of identity ready on request. If you fail to produce a means of identification, you may be faced with serious consequences.
  3. in order to withdraw your winnings on the 1xBet platform, you are required to fulfil all the 1xBet rules.
  4. the 1xBet reserves the right to deactivate any account suspected of fraudulent or money laundering activities.

In case of any problems when trying the 1xBet online download on your device, you can contact the customer support for swift resolution of all issues.GET BONUS 130 EURO

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